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Invest in Our Lady of Talpa's Future

As Our Lady of Talpa School embarks on our next 60 years, we invite you to join us in making our vision for the future a reality. Contact our principal to discuss how to become a champion for Our Lady of Talpa.

The following investment opportunities will help sustain and expand the impact Talpa has on our school community. Partner with us as we endeavor to guide our children and enrich our families. Invest in our vision; become a dream maker for our children.


  • Cost to educate one child ($5,770)
    Tuition per child ($3,460)

Support Programs

  • Extended Care Program
    Fee per child for one year( $350)
    Monthly food and activity costs ($350)
  • STEM Program
    Science Dissection Equipment and Specimens ($1000)
    Class set of cordless microscopes ($12,000)
    LEGO Robotics tool kits ($3,000)
  • Replacement of Heating and Air Conditioning System

    Re-wiring of building ($400,000)
    Unit and installation cost ($48,500)