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Our Lady of Talpa students from 4th through 8th grade who meet school academic and behavior requirements may try out for after-school sports. Sportsmanship, skill-building, and fun are stressed in our athletic program. Sports provide our students the opportunity to be active community members. They help teach a positive work ethic; promote a healthy lifestyle; and strengthen teamwork, leadership, and time management skills.

There is no cost to participate in any sport. At the time of participation each student/athlete receives an Athletic Handbook. The guidelines in the Athletic Handbook are an extension of the Parent/Student Handbook. Parents are welcome to volunteer to coach or help any team and must complete the following to do so: VIRTUS Training, fingerprint scan, and the CYO “Play like a Champion” training program.

Talpa participates in CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) sanctioned events and is a full member of the CYO. We follow CYO league guidelines and policies.

Requirements for participation in sports or in any other extra-curricular activities include:

  • Grades: 2.0 or higher
  • Conduct: Nothing lower than an “C”
  • Participation can be granted at the discretion of the teacher and/or administration
  • Students who are absent from school the day of a game may not participate in the game

Sports Offered

Boys Sports:

  • Flag football “A” & “B”
  • Basketball “A” & “B”
  • Volleyball “A” & “B”
  • Soccer (Varsity)

 Girls Sports:

  • Flag football “A” & “B”
  • Basketball “A” & “B”
  • Volleyball “A” & “B”
  • Softball

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