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Our Lady of Talpa School’s curriculum follows Archdiocesan and California State Standards and is implemented daily by qualified and committed faculty and staff. We offer a student-centered, comprehensive program that utilizes age-appropriate methods to meet our students’ needs.

We provide a challenging, comprehensive, and relevant curriculum for each student that fulfills the school’s mission and philosophy, strengthens Catholic identity, and results in achievement of our Schoolwide Learning Expectations.

Students receive daily instruction in Religion, Math, Language Arts (Reading, Writing, English, and Spelling), Social Studies, and Science. Students receive weekly instruction in Music, Art, Physical Education, and Computers.


Our Lady of Talpa School annually administers the ITBS Test (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) to students in 5th and 8th grade, and the ACRE Test (Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education) to students in 5th and 8th grade.

Student Learning Expectations

Our Lady of Talpa School’s curriculum guides each student in an ongoing process to become the following:

  • True Self-Disciplined Individual
    – Strives to balance social, emotional, and physical well-being
    – Demonstrates responsibility to the rules of school and society
  • Active Vincentian Catholic
    – Uses Jesus and our Vincentian Founders as a model to serve and respect others.
    – Has strong foundation/ knowledge of catholic beliefs
  • Lifelong learner
    – Uses critical thinking skills to accomplish tasks and solve problems
    – Values personal achievements and exceeds expectations
  • Productive Citizen
    – Serves their community with their time, talent, and treasure
    – Appreciates and accepts diversity with compassion
  • Aspiring leader
    – Communicates and initiates solutions for the benefit of others
    – Cooperates and innovates in challenging settings

Curriculum Details


Catholic doctrines, tradition, Bible Study, Social Justice, preparation for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist are the main spiritual elements for all students. Eucharistic celebrations and feast days are held throughout the school year.

Language Arts

Reading, English, Spelling, Composition, and Library skills, Appreciation of Literature, and Modern Language


Mathematics skills, Pre-Algebra.

Physical Education

Full Focus Physical Education program appropriate for grade levels, Movement, and Health and Safety

Social Studies

History, Geography, Economics, Current Events


General Sciences and laboratory experiences

Fine Arts

Music, Music History, Art, and Art History, Art Trek

Computer Literacy

Keyboarding skills, Word Processing, Spread Sheets, Excel, PowerPoint and integration with curricular subjects

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