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One of our core beliefs is that we will never turn away a family because they cannot afford tuition. Financial aid is available to every family.Payments are made electronically through FACTS Tuition Management. Registration is complete upon online FACTS enrollment by the responsible party.

Number of Students Monthly Tuition Annual Tuition
1 $330.00 $3300.00
2 $445.00 $4900.00
3 $590.00 $6300.00
4 $573.00 $6500.00
5 $573.00 $6300.00

Registration Fees

$200 per family

Additional payment options

TADS: All choosing a monthly payment plan are required to register for the TADS Tuition Management Program. Monthly deductions are made from a checking or savings account. The number of payments is at your discretion, anywhere from 4 to 11 payments per year over the course of the school year, beginning in July and ending in April, May or June 15. TADS has a $45.00 annual fee per family per year.  

Payment in full: If you make your tuition payment in full by September, you will receive a 6% discount off your total tuition. If you also choose to pay your fundraising requirement in full, that will be included with your discount.

Half/Half: You may pay half of your tuition by September and have your balance paid in full by March (a 5% discount will be applied to your 2nd payment). If you also choose to pay your fundraising requirements in full, that will be included in your discount.

Pay In-Office: Office payments may be arranged. If you choose this method you are required to make payments according a schedule agreed upon by both parties. A $10.00 late charge will be applied each time a payment is missed without prior authorization.


As a school sponsored by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, it is Our Lady of Talpa School’s mission to serve all children regardless of family income. As a result, every family at Our Lady of Talpa School automatically receives tuition assistance.

Please know that the cost of tuition at Our Lady of Talpa is far less than the actual cost to educate a child at Our Lady of Talpa. The chart above illustrates the cost of tuition. We will not turn a family away if they cannot pay full tuition. Families may call the school office (323-261-0583) to schedule an appointment with the principal to make financial arrangements.

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